What sets the StarFlyer™ apart from other Tower rides is the simple installation, ease of maintenance and safety systems. All the StarFlyer™ requires is a few basic electric motors to winch riders to the sky. Other companies utilize complicated systems to propel their guests up to the top of a tower or to drop them to the ground, but the StarFlyer™ has a basic set-up that puts safety first. In the event of a power failure guests are simply manually lowered back to the loading area. Our system is built with guests’ safety always coming first. The StarFlyer™ is installed at the Prater amusement park in Vienna where it has proven to have reliability and an impeccable safety record. The ride has TÜV certification and is approved to operate in Germany where amusement ride safety regulations are some of the toughest in the world, demonstrating that the ride is the best investment for both you and your patrons.

The StarFlyer™ can be operated in many different programs, which include variations with speeds and durations, one useful program is called the promotion mode in which the gondolas spin at full speed at the top of the tower without patrons in the seats, the purpose of this is to bring people to the ride. In this way the StarFlyer™ can be used to bring patrons to what has previously been a 'dead' part of the park, this is the way the StarFlyer™ is utilized in Prater Park, Vienna. In addition to being an attractive addition to your skyline the StarFlyer™ can serve other purposes. Special lighting at night can make the unique steel framework a new icon for the park. Also, sponsorship opportunities abound as teen-oriented food products and soft drinks all lend themselves to being associated with the 'extreme ride for all' nature of the StarFlyer™.

Finally as a protection to your investment the StarFlyer™ is Patented in several countries please contact us for details.